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We Sell Your Training Program
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Our Average Online Trainer Is Adding an Additional
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If You have an established, but not yet  wildly profitable fitness business - this is for you!


How we dominate your competition

We generate leads with ads and nurture them through strategic SMS communication to qualify them and get them to schedule an appointment

We provide custom, made-for-you sales scripts along with sales training, and consulting to get you to convert leads

After working with 100+ clients, we've learned a thing or two. We provide you with updated techniques and strategies for sales, client retention, and marketing.

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Case Study

Because winners keep score

How Lift With Leanne Went From 0 - 8 Clients In Only 18 Days
How Twist Tri-Cities Turned $523 into $8,000 in just 28 Days

What our clients say

"Outwork Media was incredibly helpful in both creating content and helping me market my product. They have been invaluable to my company and I can't recommend their services enough"

"I regret not taking social media seriously in the beginning. After working with you guys, my accounts have grown to be the biggest amongst all my competition and now every lacrosse player knows who we are!"

"We're very happy with the marketing campaign! We have been able to close some big clients from the leads. Not to mention our brand awareness and email list has grown! All in all, very successful!"


We Believe in ourselves

We're young, ambitious, and give it 110%

Outwork Media was founded by ex-athlete Dylan Wilson. Since getting into the marketing Industry, Dylan and his team have helped 100+ entrepreneurs grow their business through digital marketing.

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Frequently Asked

Is this a Done For You or Done With You Service?

Both! Some elements such as setting up ads, optimizing ads, creating and optimizing landing pages, and lead nurture, is 100% done for you. Other elements such as sales and client retention are done with you! We provide you with all the resources you will need such as training and custom sales scripts and then you simply execute and close the deals!

What Will My Return On Investment Be?

Most clients get a 100% ROI within the first 30 days or sooner. If for whatever reason you are still not profitable after 90 days, we will refund you the difference. However, many ad campaigns we currently manage hold a 5x to 20x gross ROI. Your net ROI will depend on your service fulfillment costs.

I'm a Personal Trainer, will this work for me?

Short answer, it depends! If you are a solo personal trainer with the systems and resources in place to consistently acquire 10 - 30 new clients a month, then yes! However, given the fact we only make our money AFTER, we deliver results, if your availability and schedule do not allow for that kind of growth, then we will explore less involved options.

How Does The Setup Fee Guarantee Work?

If for whatever reason after 90 days you are not profitable AND you have completed sales training, are using the sales scripts, and have made a championship offer, we will refund 100% of the difference (as stated in our agreement).

How long does the contract last?

3 months up front and then our services are month to month and require no long term commitment!


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