October 5, 2021

How Pro Caliber Lacrosse Grew Their Instagram to Become The Largest Amongst Their Competitors

How Pro Caliber Lacrosse Grew Their Instagram to Become The Largest Amongst Their Competitors

Tyler Pace grew up in Vancouver with a lacrosse stick in his hand almost every day. As a standout from day one, the sport of lacrosse led Tyler to play NCAA  division 1 for the University of Denver before ultimately playing pro for the NLL Calgary Roughnecks. Lacrosse however, is a part time occupation when Tyler’s not putting on a show for thousands of fans, he’s running Pro Caliber Lacrosse. Through PCL, Tyler is able to share his knowledge, and experience to give the younger generation the same opportunities he had.

Tyler Pace

Back in early 2020, Tyler was a one man show. He had an amazing coaching staff and a professional photographer who would help him out, but at the end of the day, he was a one man show doing everything he possibly could to grow his business.

When it came to advertising, Tyler relied on the professional service he offered by letting word of mouth grow his business. In addition to this, he had social media accounts but failed to keep up with them given the number of tasks he had everyday.

Tyler, like many entrepreneurs, thought that he had to execute every task himself in order to grow his business. He was proud of where Pro Caliber Lacrosse was at this point, but deep down, there were problems...

  • He struggled to generate brand awareness
  • He did not have the proper time to allocate for effectively marketing his business
  • He was frustrated PCL would take too long to grow without proper marketing
  • He wanted to spend his time coaching, not on social media.

One night when Tyler was scrolling through social media, he came across a video of former student Brian Simmons going through a workout. With his interest piqued, Tyler reached out to the creator of the video.

This just so happened to be Outwork Media…

After a few emails, Tyler and Outwork Media set up a consultation together. Throughout the consultation, Tyler explained

  • He wanted to consistently grow his following on social media
  • He wanted his online presence to match the professionalism of his offline presence
  • His competitive nature wanted him to have the number 1 online presence in his industry
  • He wanted every lacrosse player to at least know who Pro Caliber Lacrosse is

Over the next few months, Tyler did exactly that, here’s how:

Pro Caliber Lacrosse Tryouts 2021

As Tyler’s consultation continued, Outwork Media began to dive deeper into his current marketing. Throughout this process, it became clear that

  • Tyler already had an established and competitive social media
  • Tyler was posting high quality photos on social media
  • Tyler was not leveraging video content
  • Tyler had little engagement with his fans
  • Tyler was inconsistent with his social media execution

With this in mind, Tyler collaborated with Outwork Media to come up with a social strategy to grow his account in a professional manner. Here’s what we came up with:

Video Content:

It was 2020, and by now, video content had become superior to photo content. Creating videos was the simplest way to establish that desirable professional image Tyler wanted. So the first task that Outwork Media had was to create a series of videos on a monthly basis. Here’s what we did:

  • Created 2 video montages
  • Created 4 video clips


One of the big burdens on Tyler’s list of tasks was to "keep up with posting". He just quote on quote “had no interest and only did it because he felt he had too”. Outwork Media’s next task was to post the content we created and PCL’s parent photographer shot on PCL’s behalf. Here is what we did:

  • Scheduled posts
  • Wrote captions
  • Researched hashtags
  • Coordinate posting days and times. (Tyler continued to post on special occasions)

Outbound Engagements:

If Tyler wanted his account to grow quickly, he knew that he could not continue to wait for people to come to him. Instead, Pro Caliber Lacrosse had to put in the work to meet and engage with people first. So, Outwork Media’s ongoing task was to execute outbound engagement on their behalf. Here’s what we did:

  • Found related hashtags and locations to like, comment, and engage with.
  • Followed and engaged with accounts that qualified as potential customers. This built relationships with potential customers.

Managing Comments and Messages:

As the Pro Caliber Lacrosse instagram began to grow, so did the community that supported it. With that, it became critical to maintain those positive relationships. Tyler struggled with time and was not able to commit to communicating with his fan base on a regular basis. Therefore, the final task Outwork Media had was to provide management of comments and messages. Here’s what we did:

  • Responded to new comments
  • Responded to new messages
  • Directed important comments/messages to Tyler

The plan was set, and we we’re ready to go

Tyler handed over the keys to his socials, breathed a sigh of relief, and Outwork Media got to work. One year later, here are the results


  • Followers: 2219 (+217%)
  • Next largest account in surrounding area: 1,469 (33% smaller)
  • Hours saved: We have calculated our efforts to save Tyler roughly 300 hours of work

"I regret not taking social media seriously in the beginning. After working with you guys, my accounts have grown to be the biggest amongst all my competition and now every lacrosse player knows who we are."
Tyler Pace, Owner

And that is how Tyler and Outwork Media worked together to accelerate the growth of Pro Caliber Lacrosse’s Instagram, while simultaneously letting Tyler spend more time doing what he does best - passing his lacrosse skills and knowledge onto the next generation.

If you would like to work with Outwork Media to grow your social media just like JT did, schedule a free consultation today and we will take you through the same process to achieve YOUR goals.

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