March 11, 2022

How Lift With Leanne Went From 0 - 8 Clients In Only 18 Days

How Lift With Leanne Went From 0 - 8 Clients In Only 18 Days


Leanne Ens was brand new to the online personal training world! She is the owner of a martial arts franchise, but due to life circumstances she was required to pack up her belongings and hit the road, leaving her martial arts gym behind… With this ultimatum, Leanne had no choice but to go all in on her dream of becoming an online personal trainer if she was going to make things work…


When Leanne first got started, she underestimated how tough it was going to be to get her online personal training business off the ground... Despite her daily efforts, Leanne struggled to:

❌ Grow her audience

❌ Generate Leads

❌ Convert the leads she did get into paying clients

After frustration and worry set in for Leanne, she reached out to Dylan, who she was referred to via a business connection.

The Problem

After a couple short discussions, it became clear to Dylan why despite the AMAZING results Leanne produced with the clients she worked with (for free), she could not get any of them to convert into paying clients. It wasn’t because she was “too expensive” (her main objection), but instead it was a multitude of reasons:

👎🏼She did not show enough proof of the results she delivered

🙊She did not communicate the value she provided

😑She ran commoditized offers

The Solution

Once the problems were identified via a consultation, the Outwork Media team got to work…

The first task was to help Leanne build a solid foundation. With our consulting, Leanne quickly grew to 1000+ instagram followers, created 3 before/after case studies, learned how to create and distribute engaging content, and built up a professional facebook page.


Now that Leanne’s foundation was strong, she had to rebuild her offer. Using Outwork Media’s Championship Offer approach, Leanne created a new offer that:

🏆Communicated INSANE value

💰Was DOUBLE the price of her current offer

😁Required ZERO extra effort

⏰Had URGENCY so people act immediately

Once her offer was built, it was time to share it with the world…

The Execution

Outwork Media distributed Leanne’s offer to the world through a well targeted Facebook ad using copy and creatives that have been battle tested and proven 100’s of times. Almost immediately, leads started to roll in, which was good… but Leanne knew leads were just leads unless they booked to speak with her.

Because of this, Outwork Media rolled out our AI lead nurture campaign backed by REAL humans to encourage these leads to book a call, and show up to their consultation. This alone saved Leanne 40 hours a month of tedious back and forth communication.

The Results:

The first few days were shaky when it came to converting these leads into paying clients… However, Dylan offered his time to hop on 1 on 1 consulting calls to help Leanne break through her negative thoughts and objections she was experiencing. Soon later, Leanne was able to break all of her preconceived beliefs about selling and go on to close her first 8 NEW CLIENTS in only 18 days

And that is how Lift With Leanne and Outwork Media worked together to create a consistent flow of new clients for Leanne.

If you would like to work with Outwork Media to grow your social media, generate leads, and create marketing systems you can rely on just like Leanne did, schedule a free consultation today and we will take you through the same process to achieve YOUR goals.

*Please note, our services are NOT AVAILABLE to Gyms, and Personal Trainers operating out of the same city as our current clients.

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