Our story


Dylan Wilson started Outwork's parent company "Wilson Media" with money he earned from offering freelance video editing services. From there the first camera was purchased and he began making videos for local businesses he had connections with, for free.​

This all happened shortly after Dylan ended his 14 year hockey career. Towards the end of his career he managed to find himself playing a high-level of hockey, but when the decision to continue the journey came, he turned it down to follow his true passion - business. Even though he quit playing organized sports, Dylan stayed very involved with the sports and fitness industry. After years of experience as a customer to the industry, getting results through marketing came natural.

"It's easier to work with sports and fitness companies because I am a customer myself. Because of this, all I have to do is ask myself "would this content entice me to engage with this brand?", if the answer is yes, I give it a shot!
- Dylan Wilson 

Fast forward to today and Wilson Media has worked with over 100 different businesses, brought on young and eager talent, and expanded our services to include videography, photography, social media, and Facebook ads. 

Although we have experience among many industries, our roots still come from the sports and fitness world. Outwork Media has fine tuned our marketing services to generate results for sports and fitness businesses. Our systems are not cookie cutter and our results speak for themselves.

As our competitors and the world alike values efficiency more and more, it is becoming a detriment to the clients agencies serve as human interaction fades rapidly. That's why Outwork Media has become an agency that puts client relationships second only to results. Every client receives 1 on 1 personal service every step of the way.​

​Going forward, we strive to be the last time you switch agency's. Whether it be creating a batch of content, generating leads and building awareness with social media marketing, or running ads with Facebook, we are confident you will be happy with the services you receive.

Our mission

reliable + Consistent results

Word of mouth is great, it is an essential aspect of every successful business. However, it can take a long time to get going and it leaves you with little control over the new business that comes your way. Relying on word of mouth to grow leaves you vulnerable and is stressful through slow periods.

That's why it is our mission to remove the vulnerability and relieve your stress by providing your client based sports/fitness business, with a consistent in flow of new leads.

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