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If You have an established, but not consistently growing Gym - this is for you!

‚ÄćTurning $523 into $8000 in 28 Days

TWIST Performance + Wellness is a gym offering personal and group training to a variety of clientele in Port Coquitlam, BC. TWIST already had a great product, but lacked a scalable method for attracting new leads. This compounded with harsh COVID restrictions had the future of TWIST in jeopardy.
Michele (owner) approached Outwork Media after she was impressed with some prior video and photo work we had done. We simplified their messaging and created an offer that communicated value while urging people to act immediately. Afterwards, we set up a well structured Facebook ads campaign using some of our well structured and proven ads copy.ÔĽŅ
Michele and her team closed $7,960 (up front) worth of business through leads that were generated from this campaign. After only spending $523 to do so, Michele was thoroughly impressed.


Niche:  Local Gym
Result:  15.2x Return on Ad Spend
Owner:  Michele Mauer

8 High Paying Clients in 8 days

Leanne Ens was brand new to the online personal training space. Due to life's circumstances, she had to pack up and hit the road . With this ultimatum, she had no choice but to go all in on her dream of becoming an online personal trainer!
Leanne reached out to Dylan, who she was referred to via a business connection. We first built up her following and social proof to establish authority. Then we created an irresistible offer, ran Facebook ads, and nurtured her leads so she could focus on selling and serving her clients.
Leanne kickstarted her career and had 8 clients paying $600 each only 8 days into the campaign. She now consistently has 5-10 sales calls a week and closes at an impressive rate with our 1 on 1 support.

"So yeah... I'm doing f****** good!
- Leanne Ens


Niche:  Online Personal Trainer
Result:  8 Clients in 8 Days
Owner:  Leanne Ens

24 High Paying Clients in 3 Days

Training House Vernon has been the spot for Youth athletic development for decades now. Carla and Rhonda (owners), they have made waves in the athletic development world, but lacked that same impact with adult fitness...
After completing a successful youth sports development campaign, Training House and Outwork Media directed our attention to attracting Adult females ranging from 40 - 60 years old. We first created a defined end program ("6 Week Kickstarter Program"), stacked a ton of value, and pierced the target audience's heart with rock star ad copy
Our most successful campaign to date - After generating leads at $0.65 a piece. We generated more leads than we could physically handle. Despite turning ads off after 3 days, this program filled up in those 3 days bringing Training House 24 new high paying members on

160 leads at $0.65 each
1 week of Consults Shown on Google Calendar

Training house

Niche:  Local Gym
Result:  20 Clients in 3 Days
Owner:  Carla Rayner

0 - 10 online clients in 10 days

Colton Heard was brand new to the online training world. After feeling a little tired of the "in person training" he offered, Colton decided to rebrand and move his company online. However, despite getting excellent client results, Colton struggled with the online marketing side of business and that is why he reached out to a long time friend of his, Dylan for help.
After Dylan received confirmation from Colton that he in fact could deliver results, he and the Outwork Media team took full control of all the marketing and sales. Outwork Media funded the ads, called the leads, and closed deals via a zoom call. All the while Colton kept to what he knows best - transforming 40 - 60 year old bodies with fitness, nutrition, and accountability!
Outwork Media brought Colton an additional 10 clients with in the first 10 days of ads being live. All the while Colton did not have to risk $1, call 1 lead, or even spend one second worrying about "return on ad spend"

Colton Heard

Niche:  Online Personal Trainer
Result:  0 - 10 Clients in 10 Days
Owner:  Colton Heard

get clients handed to you on a silver platter (literally)

Put sales appointments on autopilot - Even if you don't know a thing about marketing, and/or hate sales. When working with Outwork Media, you will strictly just focus on serving your clients and being the best fitness coach you can be, while we do the work to fill your programs.

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What our clients say

"Outwork Media was incredibly helpful in both creating content and helping me market my product. They have been invaluable to my company and I can't recommend their services enough"

"I regret not taking social media seriously in the beginning. After working with you guys, my accounts have grown to be the biggest amongst all my competition and now every lacrosse player knows who we are!"

"We're very happy with the marketing campaign! We have been able to close some big clients from the leads. Not to mention our brand awareness and email list has grown! All in all, very successful!"


We Believe in ourselves

We're young, ambitious, and give it 110%

Outwork Media was founded by ex-athlete Dylan Wilson. Since getting into the marketing Industry, Dylan and his team have helped 100+ entrepreneurs grow their business through digital marketing.

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